2013-14 WIL Award: Sarah Tattersall

Each year, WIL is very pleased to recognize an individual, group or company that has demonstrated Winning, Innovation and Leadership as related to the clients served by our organization. This year, our selection committee unanimously and enthusiastically selected Sarah Tattersall as the receipient of the 2014 WIL Award.

As Talent Solutions Manager at 3M Canada, Sarah has consistently volunteered her time and talents to assist WIL’s clients in achieving meaningful employment in their fields. She demonstrates a WINNING commitment to connecting business and newcomer talent within her company and London Region’s broader business community.

Sarah has undertaken INNOVATIVE tactics to engage colleagues and other professional contacts across London’ s business community in recognizing the business imperative for attracting and retaining newcomers and leveraging available community resources to hire and retain that talent. She actively promotes WIL’s placement and mentorship program across 3M and its many departments. 3M has hosted over 25 placements in the last year alone and over 50 3M employees have mentored our clients. Another 5 WIL clients have been hired directly.

Sarah is a LEADER within her company and across London’s business community in integrating newcomer talent. She volunteers her own time and actively encourages others to do the same time and time again. She is a catalyst in encouraging companies to hire immigrants, host volunteer work placements, mentor newcomers and conduct information interviews. She is a champion of WIL Employment Connections as an organization and ambassador for our clientele wherever she goes.

Sarah is deeply passionate about newcomer talent integration. Every area of the WIL organization has tapped her expertise. She is an advocate for the work we do and womeone we can always turn to for assistance in making things happen. We are proud to call her a member of the WIL family. Thank you Sarah from everyone at WIL.