2015 – 2016 WIL Award

Each year, WIL is very pleased to recognize an individual, group or company that has demonstrated Winning, Innovation and Leadership as related to the clients served by our organization. WIL seeks nominations for the WIL Award from clients, staff, community partners and board members to identify and choose the recipient of this annual recognition.
This year, Elisabeth K. White, Manager Employment and Strategic Initiatives Housing, Social Services and Dearness Home, City of London was chosen as the recipient of the 2016 WIL Award. Nominated by the London Middlesex Local Immigration Partnership (LMLIP), to recognize her work with the most vulnerable of our community and her belief that everyone can be successful if given the environment, opportunity and support in which he or she can thrive. This winning attitude has kept Elisabeth’s focus, through many years of service, on this important question: How do we offer support, compassion and resources so all citizens in our community can achieve their potential and ultimately make a contribution? Her greatest innovation is standard operating procedure now, she has consistently championed partnership and collaboration as the best way to get results for the most people. She has brought diverse members and organizations of our community together and moved them to work and help welcome and integrate newcomers and immigrants more successfully in London and Middlesex. Her leadership has been demonstrated through her involvement in numerous community partnerships and collaborations. Elisabeth has provided dedicated service to the community, advocates for the vulnerable and always sees what could be rather than what is.

2015 -2016 WIL AwardPictured (left to right): Elisabeth K. White and Huda Hussein, Project Coordinator London Middlesex Local Immigration Partnership