2015 WIL Award

Each year, WIL is very pleased to recognize an individual, group or company that has demonstrated Winning, Innovation and Leadership as related to the clients served by our organization.  WIL seeks nominations for the WIL Award from clients, staff, community partners and board members to identify and choose the recipient of this annual recognition.

This year, our selection committee unanimously and enthusiastically selected TechAlliance as the recipient of the 2015 WIL Award.  The LMIEC Mentorship for Immigrant Employment program nominated TechAlliance to recognize the extraordinary support this organization has demonstrated for the program for many years.  TechAlliance recognizes, values and champions the talents of internationally trained individuals in London Region by exposing them to their employer membership pool at industry-specific networking events and seminars. 

As a community partner, TechAlliance routinely volunteers its time to spread the word about the benefits of mentorship to both immigrant job seekers and employers in the London community, advancing paths to economic prosperity for both current and prospective newcomers to London.  The organization has far surpassed any and all expectations of a partner, community leader and visionary.  Without the support of such community partners, the mentorship program and the clients of WIL Employment Connections simply could not have reached the level of success they have to date.  A special thank you to everyone at TechAlliance for your ongoing commitment and support.