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Annual Report 2015-16

This year's Annual Report highlights what it means to bring employers and people together, for so many in our community this means Opportunities.  We welcome you to read about the many success stories of our clients and the dedicated staff who have helped them along the way.  We are grateful for the array of employers with whom we work and their willingness to welcome clients through; work placements, volunteer experiences, mentorship opportunities and employment.  They have indeed made a difference.

In 2015-16:
 - 76% of WIL's clientele were Canadian newcomers or internationally born 
 - 24% of WIL's clientele were born in Canada
 - 533 individuals secured paid employment at 134 companies

WIL's international clientele originated from 102 different countries representing every region of the world:

 - 90% possessed a college certificate/diploma, university degree or post graduate degree
- 60 different first languages were spoken

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