Blog Post February 2017

Four Ways to Manage Job Search Stress

Stress is a constant in life. There are ways you can reduce it, but I don’t think that anyone has been able to eliminate it completely. Maybe the Dalai Lama has. But even though we can’t eliminate it, we can reduce it, even though exceptionally stressful times like a career change. There are obvious quick fixes, like take a short walk (preferably somewhere green and leafy), playing with a stress ball, and listening to soothing music, but here are a few less obvious ways you might be able to handle this stressful situation.

The Future of Work

The labour market and the economy have always had an uneasy relationship with technology. On the one hand, technology has allowed us to do things that had never before been possible, and to do the already possible in a much more efficient manner. Construction is a very good example. New techniques, materials, and technologies allowed us to progress from small huts to wood structures to castles and cathedrals and skyscrapers. We’ve gone from heating with wood fires to coal to natural gas and electricity.

Five Things to Help you Succeed After Failure

I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work.” – Thomas Edison

You’ve been told since you were small that if you worked and studied, you could do or be whatever you wanted. I’m sorry, but it’s just not true.

You will try many, many things in your life, and especially in your career. And you’re not going to succeed at all of them. This doesn’t mean you won’t succeed, but it does mean that you won’t succeed every time, and you won’t succeed at everything.

Keep it Professional

Perhaps a long time ago, when your biggest concerns were what to do after school or how you were going to make it to basketball practice after your part-time job, an email address of "" or "" seemed innocuous. Fun, even. My best friend in high school had Which was pretty great. (Please don't spam my old friend. I anonymised it, but still.)