Blog Post March 2017

Happy Birthday!

You may have heard that it's been 150 years since Confederation. This is a pretty good opportunity to get to know the country you call home, especially if you're kind of new here. Here's a short list of ways you can explore and learn Canada.

Dress for Success

For some people, they never have to think about what they're going to wear to work. These fortunates souls have uniforms (police officers or letter carriers, for instance, or the people serving you at most chain restuarants). Others (the extremely fortunate), work from home, so they don't even have to get out of their pyjamas if they don't want to. The rest of us have some decisions to make.

Interview Tips

You've done everything right. You targeted your job search, you tailored your resume to the positions you applied for, you did the networking, you proofread your cover letter, and you made sure that your voicemail message (and your email address) were not weird. You've done everything right, and it has paid off.

You've got an interview.

Congratulations. However, you're not done yet. Here are some tips on how to get through this unscathed.