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Priority Response Team

“The plan never survives contact with the enemy.”

–Helmuth von Moltke the Elder

No matter how well organized you are in anything, the unexpected can—and does—happen. Things come up that you could not have foreseen, like Donald Rumsfeld’s(in)famous “unknown unknowns”. This is just as true for your job search as it is for anything else.

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WIL Chats

Enhancing communication skills and confidence for employability success

One of the newer programs that WIL offers is WIL Chats, a fun and innovative way to practice language and communication skills. Participants in the program gather with other newcomers to Canada to talk about Canadian culture—workplace culture in particular—and to increase their confidence with English. Successful communication is part language and part culture, and learning another language is more than simply learning the vocabulary.

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‘Tis the Season for Seasonal Work

When I was a kid, I never had a summer job. I worked all summer, but I almost always kept that job during school, until I graduated university. I’m no stranger to seasonal work, though. One winter I took a job as seasonal help with the LCBO at Christmastime. The hours were long but not exceptionally demanding, the staff was great, the money was pretty good, and the customers were amazing.

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Universal Basic Income and the Future of Work

If you’re paying attention at all, you know that the world of work is changing. We’re shifting to a gig economy, which is really a hip way to say “precarious work”, we’re in an age enamoured of austerity policies, which tend to slow economic growth, and we’re seeing an increasing concentration of wealth. This is less true in Canada than in other countries, but it remains true.

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Tips for Managing Interveiw

Job interviews are tough. Interviewers ask tough questions, sometimes about things we’d rather not talk about (past failures, for instance), and your professional life is on the line. Job searching is stressful, and the interview takes that stress and turns it up to 11.

Stress is natural and can be good. It’s a physiological response that allows us to survive: it’s a powerful motivator and increases physiological responses, which sharpen focus and improve physical responses. However, it’s not meant to be sustained for long periods of time, which where we get into trouble.

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Six Tips for Job Fairs

It’s the time of year which signals great change for almost all of us. Kids are starting a new grade in school, summer is nearly over and fall is about to begin, pumpkin spice is back, and Christmas decorations have begun appearing beside the Hallowe’en decorations in retail spaces. It’s also a time of career change (when isn’t really?), and there are a few job fairs in the region in the next few weeks.

Tatooine Job Fair

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Give a little bit

Last night, at an event organized by Immploy and CPA Ontario, I was sitting at a table with several people who are either already pursuing their CPA designation, or are considering it. We talked about job search strategies, particularly networking, because it’s so valuable, and it’s one of the main advantages of joining a professional organization that is related to a job you are interested in. An association like the College of Teachers or the College of Nurses is basically a network that you can access all at once.

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Three Sites for Freelancers

Work is changing. While the story of the person finding a job right out of school and working at the same place until retirement only ever applied to a relatively small section of the population, and was relatively short-lived historically, it’s an attractive thought, and it persists.

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4 Myths About Looking for Work

As with anything that seems even a little esoteric from the outside, there are a lot of myths that surround the practice of looking for work. Some of them are holdovers from an earlier time, and some are just misconceptions that spring up about how things work. Here are four job search myths that might be holding you back.

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