Immigrants and Newcomers

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Enhancing communication skills and confidence for employability success.


For permanent residents and convention refugees who wish to:

  • Improve verbal, written, listening, conversational, and presentation skills
  • Learn and practice Canadian communication standards
  • Learn about Canadian culture and society
  • Build confidence for employability success

Facilitated by an employment advisor, clients will engage with their peers from various backgrounds and professions to enhance integration into the Canadian labour market.

Foreign Credential Recognition Loan Programs (similar to WIL's Internationally Trained Worker Loan Program) are currently operating across Canada as part of a national pilot funded by the Government of Canada.  Please note that each program listed below has its own unique eligiblity criteria and loan terms.  Please contact the appropriate program in your province/region for more information.

The Access Centre for Regulated Employment provides information and application assistance to internationally trained individuals seeking licensure or related employment in Ontario's 35 regulated professions.

Serving all of Southwestern Ontario, the Access Centre assists clients in understanding and navigating the often complex processes of Ontario's regulatory bodies. As each regulated profession has its own process for obtaining licensure, Access Centre staff help internationally trained individuals navigate the regulator's process to avoid costly and time-consuming errors.

Whether you are interested in having your educational credentials assessed, learning more about the licensure process for a specific profession, or exploring related employment opportunities in your field, the Access Centre can help.

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Some additional resources for immigrants and newcomers seeking employment:

WIL specializes in helping immigrants and newcomers find a job.  In addition to our Employment Counselling and Career Development Services, WIL offers many programs and services specifically designed for immigrants and newcomers to London.