Job Posting: Full Time Employment Advisor “WIL Chats”

Reporting directly to the Employment Preparation Team Leader at WIL Employment Connections (WIL), the Employment Advisor is responsible for working with clients individually and in groups (in person or virtually) to deliver English Language Chat sessions, current job search strategy theory and support services relating to Vocational Assessments, Employment Preparation Workshops, and networking events.  As…

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Volunteer Opportunity–WIL is looking for Mock Interviewers

There are so many things to consider when you are actively looking for work: your social media presence, your networking skills, your resume, job alerts, getting additional training or education… So you’ve leveraged your network, checked the job postings, found the hidden job market, crafted your cover letters, sent out your customized resumes, and–success!–you have…

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Five Online Application Tips

These days, a good deal of your job search is going to happen online. You’ll still have to navigate the more traditional venues, too, like networking, but everything happens on the internet. So, in addition to looking for job postings on employer websites, and looking at online job boards, you’ll also likely be filling out…

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Five Things to Not Do at a Job Fair

There’s a job fair next week. Maybe you’ve heard? Here’s some more information. Last fall, we wrote a blog post about what to do to prepare for a job fair. You can find it here. Quick tips include dressing well, having resumés handy, and do some research before you arrive. To help you more, here…

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Six Quick Resumé Tips

Though the online application has become a very popular way to apply for a job, there are many positions that still require a resumé. It’s not out of fashion, though it may be a little old school. Since you’ve got to have resumés if you’re looking for work, here are some tips to help you…

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Six Tips for Job Fairs

It’s the time of year which signals great change for almost all of us. Kids are starting a new grade in school, summer is nearly over and fall is about to begin, pumpkin spice is back, and Christmas decorations have begun appearing beside the Hallowe’en decorations in retail spaces. It’s also a time of career change (when isn’t really?), and there are a few job fairs in the region in the next few weeks.

Tatooine Job Fair

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