Changes to Temporary Foreign Worker Program

The federal government has announced several changes to Canada’s Temporary Foreign Worker Program in response to recent criticism that the program helps suppress wages and allows employers to skip over Canadians in favour of hiring foreign workers.

Temporary Foreign Worker Program changes:

  • Employers will no longer be able to pay up to 15 per cent less than the average wage for the same job;
  • The ability to fast track the Labour Market Opinion process has been temporarily suspended;
  • The federal government has more authority to suspend and revoke work permits and Labour Market Opinions;
  • Specific questions will be asked of employers to ensure the program is not being used for outsourcing;
  • Employers will have to have a plan in place to transition to a Canadian work force over time;
  • New fees for Labour Market Opinions and increasing the existing fees for work permits;
  • Only English and French languages can be used as a job requirement.

The government has also committed to consulting with Canadians on further changes as part of an ongoing review process.  Click here for more information.