Connecting with Employers

WIL’s Sales & Marketing Team has built a solid reputation among local employers as a professional non-profit organization that brings employers and skilled talent together.  WIL connected 501 clients to employment last year and 72 clients gained Canadian work experience by completing a volunteer placement related to their job goal.  Our placements have strengthened hundreds of local companies across all sectors – from accounting to engineering and from the service industry to manufacturing.

WIL’s experienced staffing specialists who comprise our Sales & Marketing Team offer practical hands-on knowledge of the region’s labour market and provide access to talent that is unavailable to traditional search firms.  The team is dedicated to working with employers to find the best possible fit. 

Understanding business needs is the top priority.  Our staffing specialists meet with hiring managers and HR staff to fully understand these needs and determe the skill-sets, qualities and traits of the ideal individual(s) to fit the company or organization.  Custom searches are then conducted the match the skills and qualifications of potential referrals and clients are thoroughly screened to ensure an ideal match for both the company and the individual.  Most importantly, our staffing specialists follow-up to ensure a successful volunteer placement or hire has been established.

To be referred to WIL’s Sales & Marketing Team, all potential candidates for placement or hire must first have an employment action plan developed with a WIL Employment Counsellor and have completed the necessary vocational assessments and employment preparation workshops deemed necessary for effective job search and workplace success.  Candidates work with the Sales & Marketing Team to identify opportunities and are then actively marketed to WIL’s employer partners. 

WIL’s Sales & Marketing Team also works in collaboration with the London Middlesex Immigrant Employment Council (LMIEC), the Employment Sector Council London-Middlesex, Skills International, the Access Centre for Regulated Employment, and other Employment Ontario service providers to connect local job seekers with employment opportunities.