LMCA, WIL and King’s University College Offer Help to Students

Every student could use a little help with school. We can’t help you with your homework, but we can help you pay your bills.
The London Multicultural Association is working with King’s University College and WIL Employment Connections to offer five scholarships of $250 to recent immigrants to the region. This is the second year of the scholarship program. Last year, three students were awarded the money. This year, the LMCA is able to give away five scholarships.
Tuition and fees for undergraduate studies at southwestern Ontario universities top $7,000. When you add housing, food, books and supplies, other fees (like clubs), and other expenses (like maybe having some fun occasionally), domestic students can spend over $20,000 every year (source).
It’s expensive, but statistically, post-secondary education pays off. Data from the US indicates that people with a bachelor’s degree have half the rate of unemployment of those who only have their high school education, and one third the unemployment rate of those who didn’t complete high school (source).
Obviously, a post-secondary education doesn’t guarantee success in the workforce, but to compete in Ontario, which has one of the highest rates of education in North America, your OSSD likely won’t be enough.
WIL is happy to partner with the LMCA and King’s University College to offset some of these expenses for some students.
The application can be downloaded here. Questions about the program can be directed to the London Multicultural Association.