2012-13 Annual Report

Winning, Innovation and Leadership.  These traits exemplify the programs and services offered at WIL within the context of our Mission, Vision and Values.  Since 1984, we have been providing employment services for newcomers and all job seekers in our community, and it’s safe to say that the organization has never stopped trying to do a better job than the year before.
WIL’s customers come to the organization for the sole purpose of becoming employed.  In 2012-13:
  • 64% of WIL’s clientele were Canadian newcomers or internationally born clientele
  • 36% of WIL’s clientele were born in Canada
  • 501 individuals secured employment in our community
  • 72 individuals gained valuable Canadian work experience through volunteer placements

WIL’s international clientele originated from 94 different countries representing every region of the world:

  • 83% possessed a college certificate/diploma, university degree or post graduate degree (versus 29 per cent for our Canadian born clientele)
  • 56 different first languages were spoken
  • Spanish and Arabic were the most common first languages
  • 49% of international clients were from Colombia, India, China, Iran, Iraq or Pakistan

WIL has understood that the organization could never reach its potential without planned collaboration and partnerships with a variety of community colleagues and funders to enhance employment services for immigrants. Learn more about all of WIL’s programs, services and community partnerships in our latest annual report. 

Click here to download WIL’s 2012-13 Annual Report