2013 WIL Awards

WIL Employment Connections (WIL) has recognized three individuals for demonstrating exceptional Winning and Innovative Leadership in assisting immigrants and newcomers in our community.  Gerry Macartney, Jeniffer Lagman and Chris DeMelo were each presented with the 2013 WIL Award at the organization’s Annual General Meeting on June 20, 2013.  

The WIL award is presented annually to individuals in our community who exemplify the ideals of Winning, Innovation and Leadership as related to the clients of WIL Employment Connections.  Each year, WIL requests nominations for consideration from WIL’s staff, clients, Board Members, and community partners. Recipients are then chosen by a Selection Committee.  A $500 donation is made in each recipient’s name to a charity of their choice.

Past recipients of the WIL Award include:  Helen Adams (2001); Cheryl Miller (2002); 3M Canada (2003); Thames Valley Children’s Centre (2004); Paul Cocker (2005); Helen Haller (2007); John Jackson (2008); Dolores Bryant (2009); Lisa Harrison (2009); Jeny Wallace (2010); Mary Pierce (2011); Dr. Mal Evans (2011); and Gus Kotsiomitis (2012).

In 2012-13, WIL provided employment programs, services and supports to individuals originating from 95 different countries, including Canada.  WIL connected over 500 individuals with paid employment last year and facilitated 72 volunteer work placements for Canadian newcomers with local employers to provide valuable Canadian work experience.   

2013 WIL Award Recipients:

Gerry Macartney
Gerry Macartney, CEO of the London Chamber of Commerce, has demonstrated a proactive commitment to celebrating, recognizing and attracting newcomer talent to London, and working with the Chamber membership to leverage the many tools and resources available to employers in our community seeking to hire and retain internationally trained individuals. Gerry’s ongoing leadership and support helped facilitate 351 connections with local employers through the Global Experience @ Work partnership in collaboration with the LMIEC and WIL’s Sales and Marketing Team. This highly successful partnership resulted in 75 Chamber member companies’ embedding international talent recruitment tools and resources into their business practices. Gerry has also issued a number of editorials, blogs, public addresses, marketing inserts and ad campaigns to advance the value proposition for hiring newcomer talent in addition to hosting a volunteer work experience placement at the London Chamber and hiring a WIL client to support Chamber projects.

Jeniffer Lagman
Jeniffer is a former WIL client, who after achieving success in her own job-search has actively given back by volunteering her time to assist other clients in achieving their career goals. Jeniffer was one of the first peer mentors to sign up for the LMIEC’s Peer Mentorship program, and no matter how busy her life has become, she always responds positively to requests for assistance and participation in WIL and LMIEC events and activities.
Jeniffer is also a public ambassador for the LMIEC Mentorship for Immigrant Employment program as one of the featured newcomers in the LMIEC’s advertising campaign celebrating London’s newcomer talent pool and successful employment outcomes for internationally trained professionals in London Region.  Our entire staff have been impressed with her generosity of time and spirit and her clarity of perception about what it takes to be successful.

Chris DeMelo
For many years, Chris DeMelo has been a trusted and collaborative community partner for ClothingWorks. Chris has a passion for engaging others and sharing her vision towards her approach to excellence and customer service. Her dedication to ClothingWorks and those she has helped is noteworthy.  Her decision to help deliver the customer service program to newcomers, become a mentor, host volunteer work placements
and sit on the Fashion Show committee has been invaluable.  She has provided guidance and support not only to clients but to staff and volunteers as
well. Chris has remarkable leadership skills, is unselfish in her ambitions and generous in sharing her dreams. She has gone above and beyond in
terms of any expectations as a community partner, leader and visionary. She makes others feel important and appreciated and creates opportunities to
help others. By sharing her knowledge and experience, she has promoted good business practices and inspired others to realize their full potential.

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