Request for Proposal (RFP): Human Resources Consultant

WIL Employment Connections (WIL) drives innovative employment solutions to bring immigrants and employers together.   WIL is comprised of three incorporated entities:  WIL Counselling and Training for Employment, the WIL Skill Centre and WIL Employment and Learning Resources Corporation.  WIL also manages and/or hosts several non-incorporated community projects including the Access Centre for Regulated Employment, Immploy, Employment Sector Council and the London Middlesex Local Immigration Partnership.    WIL and its projects and programs are seeking proposals from a third party human resources professional to support a growing and successful organization in ensuring all policies, systems, tools and best practices are in place to recruit, on-board and retain our talented current and future staff.


The primary purposes of this request for proposals is to:

  • obtain strategic human resources support for a growing organization of approximately 50 employees in size;
  • conduct a review of all current human resources tools, manuals and policies and make recommendations for change as appropriate;
  • conduct a review of all current job descriptions, pay scales, conflict resolution systems, performance management systems, professional development guidelines, and succession plans and make recommendations for change as appropriate;
  • conduct a review of current onboarding practices and make recommendations for change as appropriate;
  • conduct a review of organizational staff wellness, accommodation and health and safety practices and make recommendations for change as appropriate;
  • provide support in drafting and communicating recommended changes to policies, practices and tools;
  • act as an advisor and resource to the Executive Director and integrated organizational management team;
  • act as a resource to the organization in change management;
  • act as a resource to staff with questions about organizational policies and practices;
  • support the organization in evaluating organizational structure to maximize efficiencies and alignment;
  • evaluate current systems such as in/out boards and time tracking to recommend opportunities for efficiencies or technological enhancements that align with the size, scope and complexity of the organization; and
  • support the organization in evaluating and assessing the need for ongoing human resources support.


The successful consultant will demonstrate their work and progress on the stated purpose of this RFP in the following ways:

  • monthly status reports describing activities and progress on the above objectives will be developed by the consultant and presented to the WIL Executive Director;
  • the consultant will provide updates on her/his work in consultation with the management team at the invitation of the Executive Director; and
  • the consultant will also provide an update to the WIL Board of Directors, at the invitation of the Executive Director, at least one time per each contractual term.

Desired Experience and Evaluation Criteria

The preferred human resources professional consultant will possess the skills and experience to address the purposes outlined above and:

  • Be a certified human resource professional in the Province of Ontario;
  • Have experience working with the not for profit sector;
  • Have experience working with organizations that are highly diverse;
  • Have training in intercultural competency;
  • Have experience providing support to organizations in the London CMA;
  • Have experience working with small to mid sized organizations;
  • Be available to serve as an on-site resource for a minimum of 3 business days per week;
  • Be willing to sign a confidentiality bond; and
  • Have demonstrated skills in being able to work effectively with organizational leadership and a management team structure in service to all organizational staff.

Proposal Format

Proposals should include a response to how your company or organization meets the desired evaluation criteria in addition to the following information:

  • A summary of your company’s or organization’s approach to strategic human resources consulting;
  • Information on the skills and experience of the representative or representatives that would be the point of contact for purposes of this work;
  • A proposed project schedule;
  • Three supporting reference contacts for recent projects undertaken;
  • Details of anticipated costs to deliver these services including anticipated travel and/or accommodation, out of pocket expenses and consulting fees;
  • A breakdown of fees based on an initial review period following by ongoing onsite support broken down by monthly costs;
  • The proposal should also include costing breakdowns at multiple price points based on how many days per week is spent onsite.

RFP and Project Timeline

The projected timeline for this RFP is as follows:

  • Proposals must be received by October 31, 2019 by no later than 4:30 p.m.;
  • Submissions will be reviewed by no later than close of business on November 8, 2019;
  • Interviews with selected bidders will be conducted by no later than November 15, 2019;
  • References will be conducted by no later than November 22, 2019;
  • Contract will be awarded by no later than November 29, 2019 and
  • The initial term of this agreement will be from date of contracting to March 31, 2020 with opportunities for extension to fiscal year 2020-2021 based at WIL’s sole discretion in consideration of the business needs and budget of the organization at that time.  (The organization’s fiscal year runs from April 1st through March 31st).


Submission Instructions

Proposals must be received by October 31, 2019 by no later than 4:30 p.m. to the attention of:

RFP Review Committee

c/o WIL Employment Connections

141 Dundas Street, 4th Floor

London, ON N6A 1G3

Bidders may choose to submit all materials electronically to or via hard copy to the address noted above.    Please assure that any mailed or delivered materials in hard copy are sealed and labelled on the outside of the package to clearly indicate they are in response to the WIL Employment Connections RFP.

Any cost incurred by the candidate in preparation, transmittal, presentation of any proposal or material submitted in response to the RFP shall be borne solely by the candidate.

While we appreciate all proposals received, only bidders selected for an interview will be contacted.

WIL will not accept or respond to oral or written requests for clarification on any matter pertaining to the RFP from any bidder.

WIL reserves the right to accept or reject any proposal regardless of cost, or to reject all proposals received.   All proposals will be retained by WIL Employment Connections.

Any agreement between WIL and the successful bidder will not provide exclusivity to that bidder on all human resources support.   WIL reserves the right to use alternate professionals, at any time, in its sole discretion.

WIL Employment Connections values diversity in all its forms and recruits qualified individuals and contractors that reflect the diversity of our clients and our community.  We strive to foster a workplace in which all individuals maximize their potential, regardless of their differences.  We are committed to providing accommodations for person with disabilities.  If you require an accommodation to complete this RFP process, we will work with you to meet your needs.  Accommodation may be provided at all stages of the process.

For more information about WIL Employment Connections, please visit our website