Steps for Success: Information to Help You Find Work

WIL’s Steps for Success Program helps jobseekers develop skills that can really help with their job search. If you’re looking for work, looking for work is at least your part-time job, because there are so many things you can be doing. First, and most obvious, is looking for and applying for current openings: checking job boards, subscribing to job alerts, and looking in all the obvious places, like, and Second, you need to update, refine, and modify your resume based on the opportunities to which you’re applying. You need to send cover letters, attend networking events, volunteer, etc. The list is really endless, which is why the job search takes up so much time.

Some of these tasks are easier than others, but there’s help available for the areas in which you find yourself lost. Tomorrow’s Steps for Success session is a great example. You can get help and advice from the President and CEO of the Better Business Bureau of Western Ontario on using an often overlooked resource for jobseekers: The BBB website. For more information or to sign up, click here.

Keep an eye open for upcoming Steps for Success sessions. They happen monthly at the Skill Centre; the next two are November 16 and December 14 (this date is not yet confirmed; stay tuned!). The topics are sure to help you have a successful job search.  Topics in the past have provided attendees with really great information.

Past topics include:  Worktrends, a really great website that provides TONS (or metric TONNES) of useful information about the labour market in London, St. Thomas, Woodstock, and the surrounding counties; Job Fairs, dos, don’ts, tips and guidance; Business Communication; Financial Literacy and Debt Management; and Networking Tips.

Looking for work is hard. Why not get some help? Register this afternoon for tomorrow’s session, and keep an eye open for upcoming events and topics.