The value of Employment Counselling

The Employment Counselling team at WIL is one of the first points of contact for clients connecting with our organization.  An appointment is scheduled with an Intake Counsellor who provides initial information about our services to ensure the individual has come to the most appropriate agency based on their own unique employment needs.  From there, an Employment Counsellor works with the individual to provide a full confidential assessment of the individual’s background and discusses appropriate steps towards employment.  This often includes participation in programs and services offered by WIL, by may also include referrals to programs and services provided by our many community partners, or a combination of both.  

In 2012-13, WIL provided employment counselling services to 1,012 individuals from 95 different countries. Every client of WIL is treated with the respect every job seeker deserves – regardless of the individual’s educational background, language skills, work history or personal barriers to employment.  Beyond helping someone simply ‘find a job’, WIL’s counsellors work with clients to identify personal career goals and develop an appropriate employment action plan to achieve desired employment outcomes.  

Some job seekers arrive at WIL knowing precisely which job or occupation they wish to attain, while others require extra guidance and support in choosing a specific profession; deciding upon a career move; or identifying occupations they may not have considered related to their skills, education or experience.  Counsellors suggest valuable resources, guide the client through a decision-making and planning process, advocate where necessary, and make referrals if needed.  Counsellors will then follow up with every client to ensure that they are supported as they pursue their plan.

Not all individuals who connect with WIL are ‘job-ready’.  For example, some newcomers to Canada may choose to come to WIL while they are still learning English for the purpose of obtaining career orientation and labour market information for their field and referrals for credential assessment and/or licensure. These clients then continue with ESL having already done some advance preparation for their job-search. Once their ESL is complete, they will return to their employment counsellor to begin employment preparation.

Although employment preparation is offered through other programs at WIL, counsellors do also directly assist clients with resumes, cover letters, interview preparation and coaching on contacting employers as required. Some clients may be unavailable for workshops due to childcare challenges or part-time employment, and others may have an interview or a job posting deadline too soon for a workshop to be of help.  The Intake Counsellor also liaises with the Employment Preparation Team and Sales & Marketing Team at WIL to offer streamlined referral and intake services for clients who are job-ready and ready to proceed directly to paid employment or volunteer placement opportunities.

Regardless of the program or service that a client may be enrolled in at WIL, every individual stays connected with their Employment Counsellor throughout the duration of their involvement with the organization.  It’s an occasion for celebration whenever a client is successful in finding a job, or even in landing an interview for a position after trying hard for a long time.

To connect with an Employment Counsellor at WIL, please call us at 519-663-0774 to schedule an Intake Appointment or email us directly at .