Three Sites for Freelancers

Work is changing. While the story of the person finding a job right out of school and working at the same place until retirement only ever applied to a relatively small section of the population, and was relatively short-lived historically, it’s an attractive thought, and it persists.

Most career trajectories will now include several employers, and may not be a linear progression of more responsibility and more compensation. There are just as likely to be changes in not just job title but field, or industry. Sometimes there may be lean periods, and many careers involve self-employment.

One path to self-employment is freelancing. It can be a tough gig: you’ve got to have not just a set of marketable skills, you’ve also got to have MARKETING skills, and you’ve got to have hustle. However, with this, as with anything, there are services out there that can make this path a little easier to navigate. Here are some websites that can help you if you decide to freelance, either as a short-term solution, what’s called a side hustle, or as your fill-time gig.


This one is the largest network of freelancers. It has over 10 million registered users, and it offers freelancers of almost any profession a chance to connect with people who need their help. Designers, engineers, writers, architects, and photographers (and so many others) all offer their services on Upwork.


PeoplePerHour is a website devoted to people who are involved in web projects: designers, software engineers, marketers, SEO gurus, and others. If you’re looking for help with a web project, this is a good place to start.


No matter what you do (within reason), SimplyHired can help you find people who are willing to pay you to do it. On SimplyHired you can find dance teachers and drivers, lab techs and lube techs, waiters and wood workers. Just browse this site for ideas. Are you a claims adjuster? There might be someone out there who needs you.

Freelancing is just one way forward in your career. Have a look at these sites and see if it’s for you. If it’s not, then come see us at WIL. Let’s find the right job for you.