Vocational Assessments

Often the most overwhelming aspect of job search is deciding where to focus.  WIL continues to offer a range of career assessment tools to help clients clarify their interests, aptitudes, values, skills and personal qualities to identify potentially fulfilling career paths.  Through the vocational assessment process, clients can increase their self-awareness and become better equipped to manage important career decisions. 

Vocational assessments are useful for a variety of individuals, including: clients in the early stages of career planning who require some direction, mid-life career changers seeking areas in which they can best use their skills, and clients seeking to confirm a career choice prior to investing in additional education and training.

In 2012-13, WIL provided 147 vocational assessments to 64 clients.  Clients are referred from within WIL and from our community partners.  Feedback for the program is very positive with individuals stating both the process and the outcomes have been very helpful.

For more information on vocational assessments at WIL, please contact us at 519-663-0774 or email careerinformation@wil.ca .