What Does WIL Do?

I usually end every blog post with a recommendation that you get in touch with us here at WIL to get support in your jobs search. That’s because it’s good advice. How well do you know what services we provide? Here’s a brief list of some of the ways we can help you with your job search.

Employment Counselling

Our counsellors can provide you with valuable support as you conduct your job search. There are lots of ways they can help. They’ll help you figure out what your employment goals are, if you haven’t already. They can work with you to develop an action plan, so that you can reach those goals. They can help you work through and resolve any work-related issues you may have, and they can refer you to other programs and services that can provide you with valuable licencing information or help with getting international credentials assessed.

Career Exploration

What do you do if you don’t know what you want to do? The counsellors at WIL can help with that, too. Our counsellors have a great understanding of the local job market, and by assessing your skills, they can provide you with advice on direction. Looking to switch careers? They’ll be able to tell you where you’re more likely to land on your feet. Looking to upgrade your skills? They can help you decide on any training that you might need.

WIL also offers valuable workshops to help you identify your career goals and begin planning your journey.

Job Search Skills

A job search, like anything else, really, requires a set of skills. If yours  are rusty, or if you never learned what you need to do, WIL offers the Essential Job Search Skills Program. Workshops include Resumes and Cover Letters, Completing Application Forms, and Job Interviews.

Mock Interviews

If you’re having trouble finding success not because your resume isn’t being read, but because you don’t interview well, WIL can help with that, too. Practicing your interview skills with an experienced hiring professional can really help you perform better.

Grade 12 Equivalency

If you had to leave the school system before graduating, that can really hurt your career prospects. WIL offers a program that can help you get your GED. This alone won’t guarantee success, but it sure brightens your prospects. Whether you’re ready to write the exam now, or need some additional preparation, WIL can help.

Staffing Services

After helping you with your job search, your resumes and cover letters, any extra training you need, and interview skills, WIL can even help you find employment. Our Sales and Marketing team fosters relationship with employers in the region, to help you find employment opportunities that you may not know about.

WIL’s programs and services can help you through your entire journey to employment. In conjunction with our partners, we’re just what you need to find career success. Call or email to schedule an appointment. Help us help you on your journey.