What else can WIL do for me?

Last week I ran through some of the services that WIL provides. I talked about the Employment Resource Centre, Employment Counselling, Employment Exploration Services, and more.

But there are so many other programmes and services that WIL offers, I couldn’t fit it into one post. So, here’s a list of some of the services we provide for immigrants and newcomers to Canada.

Have we mentioned that WIL is the expert when it comes to immigration employment services? Because we are. The cornerstones of our immigrant programs are probably our Essential Job Search Skills Program and our Job Search Workshops. The first is a five-day workshop designed to help you with the basics of your job search: everything from job search to job success. The Job Search Workshops are offered at the CCLC, and are a series of half-day workshops. You can contact the CLCC for more information.

Along with these workshops, we offer Workshops for Immigrant Professionals. They offer many of the same services as the other workshops, but tend to be more focused on helping professionals find work in the their field. This workshop allows participants into the Volunteer Work Placement Program, and helps you get referrals to local employers and employment opportunities.

Speaking of the Volunteer Work Placement Program, this is another service we provide. The program is eight weeks long, and provides valuable Canadian experience to those who might not already have it.

WIL also provides loans for Internationally Trained Workers living in Southwestern Ontario. If you’re looking to get your foreign credentials recognised in Canada, we can help. But it’s sometimes expensive, so we can help with that, too. The loan can be used for assessment fees, books, course materials, tuition, or professional association fees. For more information on this, you need to contact the Access Centre for Regulated Employment.

Remember that list of resources for job seekers? Here’s another list for immigrant services.

If you’re settled in and looking for work, WIL also offers a program with the LMIEC to connect newcomers to Canada with mentors, to help with networking, understanding the local job market, and specialized language practice. For more information about the program, you can contact the LMIEC.

There you go. There’s lots more we offer for immigrants. Come in, email, or call for more information, and we’d be happy to help you find success.