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Global Talent Guide for Employers

The London region labour market and workforce has undergone significant changes in recent years, and demographic projections show us it is only the beginning. In the coming ten to fifteen years, a shortage of workers is expected to grow significantly.

Many London region employers report they are already attracting fewer qualified applicants for job postings. Businesses find themselves competing with other employers, both locally and in other regions, as they try to become an employer of choice for skilled workers. There is a growing awareness that meeting workforce requirements could be one of the most pressing challenges that businesses have faced in many years. Even as Canada has started to experience a shortage of workers, there has been a rise in the number of educated and skilled immigrants who are coming to our country. These qualified and motivated newcomers represent our best hope for increasing the size and strength of our workforce in the coming years.

Today, many organizations in the London region are working together to draw more immigrants, to help get them settled, and most importantly, to assist them in finding meaningful and appropriate employment.

The guide for employers Global Talent: Hiring Newcomers Makes Good Business Sense, is designed to help companies in the London region access this valuable pool of workers. The information and stories in this guide, and in an accompanying guide called Global Talent: A Newcomers Guide to Finding Work in the London Region, were compiled with the help of dozens of regional employers, recruiters, newcomers and workers.

This guide will highlight the success of companies that are putting global talent to work and will offer some new perspectives on issues that may have prevented organizations from hiring immigrants in the past.

Benefits will flow when new immigrants to Canada are integrated into our workforce and when their skills and education are fully appreciated and utilized. Those benefits include successful businesses, a powerful economy, and more vibrant communities.

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