There’s a job fair next week. Maybe you’ve heard? Here’s some more information. Last fall, we wrote a blog post about what to do to prepare for a job fair. You can find it here. Quick tips include dressing well, having resumés handy, and do some research before you arrive.

To help you more, here are some things you SHOULDN’T do at a job fair.

Don’t rely on memory.

You’re going to absorb a lot of information at a job fair. You’ll want to take notes. Bring a pen, bring a notebook, bring your phone and take notes on that.  Just know that you won’t likely remember everyone’s name, possibly not all the employers you spoke to. Collect business cards, and take down contact information.

Don’t have unrealistic goals.

You’re extremely unlikely to land a job at a job fair. This is an opportunity for research and reconnaissance. You’ll leave with contacts, with some openings, and possibly some instructions on how to apply for openings. It’s conceivable that you’ll get an offer on the spot, but if you don’t get that, the day isn’t a bust.

Don’t give out resumes to just anyone.

Stick to companies that you’re actually interested in, or who might be interested in you. You don’t want to run out.

Don’t interrupt.

If a recruiter is talking to someone, don’t barge in. That’s not the kind of impression you want to make. Be courteous and respectful.

Don’t be intimidated.

This is not a time for shyness. A recruiter is there to offer help. They’ll be polite and friendly. If you’re interested in a company, approach them and say hello.

A job fair is a great way to learn about employers, openings, and to make connections. Check out the London & Area Works job fair happening at the Lamplighter Inn on April 10, 2018, from 2-7 pm.

I’ll see you there.