You may have heard that it’s been 150 years since Confederation. This is a pretty good opportunity to get to know the country you call home, especially if you’re kind of new here. Here’s a short list of ways you can explore and learn Canada.

Take the train: As a song by the Arrogant Worms once said, Canada’s Really Big. There’s a lot of it, so most of us are inclined to fly to far away destinations. It’s fast ane (ahem) convenient. However, you miss so much. The train is a great way to explore, and if you’re young, VIA rail is offering 1867 passes for travellers under 25 to travel all they want in July.

Visit a National Park: Or a historic site or marine conservation area. All year, admission is free if you order the pass online. You can get the pass at the Parks Canada website. Or find a friend who already has one and go with them.

Celebrate: National Aboriginal Day is June 21.  Saint-Jean-Baptiste Day/Fête nationale du Québec et de la Francophonie canadienne is on June 24. Canadian Multiculturalism day is June 27. And Canada Day is on July 1. It’s going to be a pretty great ten days.

Visit a Museum or Library: Librarians and archivists are cool. In London, branches of the London Public Library are having events all year: displaying photos, highlighting CanLit and history, and hosting events. Visit for event details.

Learn Online: Library and Archives Canada is posting stuff online and Tweeting and posting to Facebook. Check them out, or look for the approriate hashtags: #Canada150 and #OnThisDay. You can also visit to read the stories so far.

Download the app: It’s called Passport 2017, and it lists events, gives facts, provides stories, shares news, and is available in the App Store and in the Google Play store. They also have Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram accounts.

There’s so much happening this year, and you can be a part of it. Find out what’s happening and celebrate Canada’s birthday all year.