Though the online application has become a very popular way to apply for a job, there are many positions that still require a resumé. It’s not out of fashion, though it may be a little old school. Since you’ve got to have resumés if you’re looking for work, here are some tips to help you get past the first round.


Don’t do anything fancy or hard to read. Times New Roman or Arial/Helvetica are great choices. Comic Sans or Monserrat are not. Don’t try to do anything too fun (there are exceptions, but they are rare). Mostly you just want your resumé to be legible.


Black is fine. Printers use black. Just use black.


If you’ve got questions, there are employment counsellor all over (like at WIL) who are willing to help you out. If you don’t want to, or aren’t eligible, you can use a template. There are lots. Jut follow the formula.


Sometimes your resumé won’t even be read by a person initially. Often, it’ll be filtered through a piece of software so that the recruiter doesn’t have to look at over 200 applications. If the keywords aren’t there, then the recruiter doesn’t see them. Check the job posting, and make sure the language you use reflects that.


Highlight what you did over your actual title. Titles might be different in different oganisations or in other industries. But “increased sales by 20%” is useful information to anyone.


You can have one resumé, but you really should tailor it to each posting and each industry. Requirements will be different for different postings, so what’s important will change, too.

If you want more support with your resumé, get in touch with us at WIL. It’s what we do; we can help you out. Hope to see you soon and we wish you luck.