There are so many things to consider when you are actively looking for work: your social media presence, your networking skills, your resume, job alerts, getting additional training or education…

So you’ve leveraged your network, checked the job postings, found the hidden job market, crafted your cover letters, sent out your customized resumes, and–success!–you have an interview!

Unfortunately, a bad interview can undo much of the work you’ve already done. There are lots of strategies for preparing for an interview. What’s the most effective?


Interviewing is a skill that, like nearly any other skill, can be learned and practised. WIL offers our internationally trained clients the opportunity to take part in a mock interview. The interview is filmed and critiqued, offering useful tips to interviewees to make a good impression.

In order to make this as realistic an experience as possible, we recruit volunteer mock interviewers from the community. We like to have people with hiring authority or experience in a position of hiring influence, but ultimately we are looking for people with experience as an interviewer.

Are you interested in volunteering? The commitment would be approximately three hours at a time, once or twice a year based on your availability (or more, if you can do it!)

The commitment would have you interviewing up to five individuals over a three-hour period – from 9:30 am – 12:30 pm. We provide the clients’ resumes and job postings as well as sample questions in advance. You are encouraged to use your experience of interviewing to design questions you would typically use to gather information during an interview. We videotape the interviews to review with the clients (you are not visible, just the client) and will operate the cameras for you. We also provide a feedback sheet for you to fill out on each client and we then give this to the client during the debriefing session.

And what do you get out of these interviews (besides a profound sense of wellbeing and the knowledge that you are doing something to help someone else)? Well, you get a first look at potential talent, for one thing. Internationally trained individuals bring not just professional experience, but a new perspective, and you’ll be meeting them first. Some interviewers use these interviews as a form of soft recruitment.

If you are interested in this opportunity to contribute your skills towards job seekers’ employment preparation, please get in touch with the Employment Prep team at, or at 519-663-0774.